Ole Jakob Hegelund

Ole Jakob Hegelund works as an Advisor in the Norwegian Ice Service under the Forecasting Division located in Tromsø. Ole Jakob works on validation, evaluation and assists the assimilation of remote sensing data products for operational and maritime use, to improve the sea ice monitoring and forecasts. He is also sometimes performing sea ice analysis and producing ice charts from remotely sensed data for the European Arctic and Antarctica. He is a geologist and holds an MSc. degree in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics from UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. He has a research background in polar regions, particularly in sea ice mapping, reconstructing of glacial dynamics, acoustic data, ice coring and marine geoscientific cruises with RV Helmer Hansen and KV Svalbard.

Since 2019 he has been working with projects as SAREX, EU projects as KEPLER and ARCSAR to evaluate user requirements from the maritime sector for sea ice information in polar waters. He is also in the project team of Ice Watch - an international program to coordinate throughout the Arctic and Antarctic sea ice observations collected from ships. To improve a software called ASSIST and to develop IceWatchApp, a tool for logging and reporting In-Situ observations of sea ice.

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