Mari Anne Killie

Mari Anne Killie works in the Division for Remote sensing and data management at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. She has a Ph. D. in astrophysics (2006) from the University of Oslo, and has been working on remote sensing of snow since 2007.

Øystein Godøy

Øystein Godøy is Head of Division for Remote Sensing and Data Management. His educational background is within satellite remote sensing (meteorology) and climate analysis (oceanography). Godøy is seating the SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee representing WMO, is data manager within the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) and seats the WMO Global Cryosphere Watch Steering Group.

Steinar Eastwood

Steinar Eastwood works in the Division for Remote Sensing and Datamanagement in the Research and Development Department. He has worked with remote sensing since 1997, with main focus on sea surface temperature, sea ice surface temperature, sea ice classification, snow cover and cloud masking.