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2019 sea ice minimum - low, but not record low

September is typically the month with least sea ice in the Arctic, and with most sea ice in the Antarctic. How did the sea ice behave this summer? We take a look back.


2019 sees 2nd-lowest august Arctic sea-ice extent

 August 2019 was the second-lowest sea-ice extent of all august months since 1979 over the Arctic.


Follow the Arctic sea-ice melt season on!

 This webpage will hold daily updated sea-ice extent graphs until the end of the Arctic melt season 2019.


Record early sea ice melt outside Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska

The 2019 sea ice melt outside the Alaskan city Utqiagvik (Barrow) happens record early. The regional sea ice extent of June 2019 is comparable to the July extent for the previous record year of 2017. The 2019 regional sea ice extent curve is two months earlier than for the 1980s.


Animation showing Easter snow melt

This animation shows the snow cover melting away through Easter 2019. Each daily snow cover map is based on satellite data information from the AVHRR instrument flying on polar orbiting satellites.