This web portal gives access to the latest products and information about sea ice, snow and permafrost - the cryosphere - from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.


Skiing across the Arctic Ocean on drifting ice

Børge Ousland and Mike Horn’s 87 day expedition to cross the Arctic Ocean via the North Pole on skis, from boat to boat without assistance, took place during changing sea ice conditions. Using sea ice drift products - retrieved daily from satellite data - we can estimate the influence ice drift had on the expedition. 


Break-out session at Arctic Frontiers 2020

KEPLER breakout-session flyer The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is hosting a break-out session at the Arctic Frontiers 2020 meeting in Tromsø.


Snow cover maps temporarily unavailable due to missing sunlight

The snow cover maps are made from satellite measurements of reflected sunlight. Due to low hanging sun and polar night these data are not available during parts of the winter. The snow cover maps will reappear on from early February 2020. 


The MOSAiC expedition visible from space

The "hot spot" is the MOSAiC expedition as seen by the NOAA-20 satellite (VIIRS DNB image).


Ice Watch is moving to Met Norway!

Icewatch logo Met Norway has now taken over running the Ice Watch observing system, check out the new website!