Marina Durán Moro

Marina works on Data Assimilation of Sea Ice Concentration (SIC) observations into the ROMS/CICE model using the Ensemble Kalman Filter approach. She is involved in the SIRANO project and investigates the assimilation of SIC Level-2 information (individual orbits) instead of daily averaged maps.

William Copeland

William is a researcher at the Norwegian Ice Service at MET-Norway in Tromsø. He mainly works with dissemination activities related to international projects, social media dissemination and analysis of SAR imagery.  

Øystein Godøy

Øystein Godøy is Head of Division for Remote Sensing and Data Management. His educational background is within satellite remote sensing (meteorology) and climate analysis (oceanography). Godøy is seating the SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee representing WMO, is data manager within the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) and seats the WMO Global Cryosphere Watch Steering Group.

Signe Aaboe

Signe Aaboe works in the Division of Remote Sensing and Data Management at MET-Norway. She received her M.Sc. in physics-geophysics from the University of Copenhagen and has a Ph.D. in physical oceanography (2008) from the University of Bergen. Since 2013 she has worked as a remote sensing sea ice scientist with a focus on sea ice properties retrieved from passive microwave radiometers and scatterometers. Currently classification of different sea ice types and classes.