2019 sees 2nd-lowest august Arctic sea-ice extent

When all Arctic sea ice is summed up, 2019 experienced the second-lowest mean sea-ice extent of all previous august months since 1979, in between august 2012 (lowest) and 2007 (now third lowest).

Time series of monthly mean August sea-ice extent for the Arctic. August 2019 was the second-lowest value since 1979.

Heavy ice conditions in Svalbard

Locally around Svalbard, the ice conditions were more unusal for this time of the year: more sea-ice is observed to the North-East and East of the archipelago, and caused troubles for ship traffic (in Norwegian).

Sea ice conditions on Sept 1st 2019, showing more sea-ice to the
North-East and East of the Svalbard archipelago. 

Readers of cryo.met.no can also access daily SAR imagery where sea-ice around Svalbard is apparent:

Sentinel-1 SAR mosaic date 2019-09-04 (EU Copernicus data processed at MET Norway)