Sea Ice

Emily Down

Emily Down is based in Tromsø and works in the Department of Remote Sensing and Data Management in the Research and Development Division, for the OSI SAF sea ice monitoring service. She has worked mainly with sea ice type and drift.

Alistair Everett

Alistair Everett is a software engineer in the Norwegian Ice Service. Alistair is employed as part of the Horizon 2020 ExtremeEarth project and is working to develop the systems used for daily production of the ice charts, as well as providing support for daily operations.

Frode Dinessen

Frode Dinessen works in the Division for Remote Sensing and Data Management at MET-Norway in Tromsø. He has been working with satellite remote sensing data since 1997. Currently his main research focus is on development of a operational multi-sensor sea ice concentration product by combining satellite data from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and passive microwave radiometers. He is also engaged in development of a national data hub for Sentinel data.

Atle Sørensen

Atle Sørensen works in the Division for Remote Sensing and Data Managment at the Norwegien Meteorological Institute. He has worked within remote sensing since 2012, mostly with sea ice concentration derived from passive microwave satellite data.

Nick Hughes

Nick Hughes is leader of the Norwegian Ice Service and is based at the Division for Forecasting in Tromsø and is responsible for the daily operation of the Ice Service and for project management including the development of new data processing algorithms and information services. Hughes has 21 years experience in Arctic and Antarctic research including 15 field campaign.

Trygve Halsne

Trygve Halsne is based in Bergen and works in the Department of Remote Sensing and Data Management in the R&D division. He is mainly focusing on the distribution of Sentinel data in Norway and on data services.

Steinar Eastwood

Steinar Eastwood works in the Division for Remote Sensing and Datamanagement in the Research and Development Department. He has worked with remote sensing since 1997, with main focus on sea surface temperature, sea ice surface temperature, sea ice classification, snow cover and cloud masking.

Penelope Wagner

Penelope Wagner is based at the Norwegian Ice Service in the Division for Forecasting in Tromsø. Penelope works on the validation, evaluation and assists with assimilation of remote sensing data products for operational use and to aid in sea ice monitoring and forecasts. Since 2006, she has been working with remote sensing applications to observe sea ice using optical, hyperspectral, scatterometer and passive microwave data for both planetary (Mars) and Earth Observation.

Signe Aaboe

Signe Aaboe works in the Division of Remote Sensing and Data Management at MET-Norway. She received her M.Sc. in physics-geophysics from the University of Copenhagen and has a Ph.D. in physical oceanography (2008) from the University of Bergen. Since 2013 she has worked as a remote sensing sea ice scientist with a focus on sea ice properties retrieved from passive microwave radiometers and scatterometers. Currently classification of different sea ice types and classes.