Arctic Climate

William Copeland

William is a researcher at the Norwegian Ice Service at MET-Norway in Tromsø. He mainly works with dissemination activities related to international projects, social media dissemination and analysis of SAR imagery.  

Julia Lutz

Julia Lutz is employed at the division for model and climate analysis at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute in Oslo. She has been working on statistical climate modelling and climate analysis for several years. With her work she has been contributing to different projects concerning the Arctic climate and the influence of climate change on it.

Ketil Isaksen

Ketil Isaksen is based at the Division for Model and Climate Analysis in Oslo and is a permafrost specialist at MET Norway. Isaksens primary area of interest and expertise are related to permafrost and climatology, including permafrost thermal response and sensitivity to climate change and extreme events, the application of long-term monitoring and geophysical methods in frozen ground, physical processes in the cryosphere and climate change and variability in mountain regions and in the Arctic.

Øystein Godøy

Øystein Godøy is Head of Division for Remote Sensing and Data Management. His educational background is within satellite remote sensing (meteorology) and climate analysis (oceanography). Godøy is seating the SAON/IASC Arctic Data Committee representing WMO, is data manager within the Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIOS) and seats the WMO Global Cryosphere Watch Steering Group.