Real-time Snow Depth Observations

Station type 1 - Stations with long-term series (starting before 1957) for high-quality snow depth observations.
Station type 2 - Stations (both manual and automatic) with series that started in 1957 or after that and have at least 5-10 years of data.
Station type 3 - Mainly new and automatic stations (AWS) with few years of data.

Map: Snow depth is observed on daily basis at many of MET Norway's weather stations. The map shows some selected weather stations in mainland Norway where daily snow observations are available. Most of the selected stations have long-term series for high-quality snow depth observations. In addition, a few stations have shorter series but are especially important for cryosphere research. 

Snow observation product: By clicking on a place marker a graph will be shown. By clicking on the graph a full size version will open in a new window. The snow depth observations from this winter (blue line) are compared with the median (dark grey line) and the 50% and 80% confidence interval (dark and light grey shaded area, respectively) of the climatological standard normal period 1991-2020. For stations established after 1991 shorter period averages are used. In addition the minimum and maximum of the recorded snow depths for the entire observational period of the station are shown (dotted lines). If a new record high (max) or record low (min) snow depth has been observed during this year's winter season, the record days are marked (red and yellow dots, respectively).

Snow depth observations can be downloaded from or